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Art Girls

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Art for and about Women!

Any kind of art! Music, Painting, Prose, Poetry, Photography, Sculpture, Cartoons, Jewelry, Collages - you name it.

If you're a female artist, please post your work!

If you're a male artist, please post your work that focuses on women!

If you're not an artist - browse around and tell people what you like!

When Posting, Please:

Use cuts for large (more than one medium image) entries.

Label things that are not work/child-safe and put them behind a cut.

State what kind of feedback you would like from "none" to "raves only" to "criticism please!"

Post ONLY your OWN art, unless you are a model, in which case, you may post pictures that were taken/painted/drawn of yourself.

And remember - artists LIVE for feedback, so don't hesitate to comment!